Transform your venue from ordinary to extraordinary with up-lighting.  You'll have a near limitless color palatte to select from with our modern LED lighting technology.  The lighting fixtures are placed strategically throughout the room to create brilliant columns of light that beam up the architecture and saturate the area in your selected color fixtures.  LED up-lighting is an elegant way to tie together your design and decor elements.



Affordable audio services by trained professionals. We have the gear to make your event sound great. Louisville Sound Company has partnered with Trifecta to bring you the best sound production services in the region. With their experience and extensive gear list, LSC brings a lot to the table. Gear includes Midas digital consoles, RCF line array speakers and EV self powered monitors. Save money by bundling our lighting, audio and staging services!

Trifecta Stage Roof System.JPG


We offer several staging options in house including a versatile roof system that can cover a 20' x 16' stage. All of our stage decks are made in the USA by QuikStage. They are 4' x 8' weather resistant poly coated locking stage decks and can be 1' - 2' in height. We have several options for skirting, stairs and configuration. Contact us today for more information! 

MoonLite Safety Lighting

MoonLite offers an incredible amount of light and adds to the look and feel of your festival or event.  MoonLite can supply great lighting for either indoor or outdoor use and is a very strong and wind-resistant balloon that allows it to work in a variety of weather conditions.  The size and strength of MoonLite allows for maximum flexibility, you can use it to light dark places around a large music festival site or allow it to be the center point of your next event.



Power Management

Safe and ample power is key to having a successful event. We offer complete event power services and take the worry off of your shoulders. We will discuss your power needs to determine what size generators and cabling will be required. Once the equipment is on site we bring power to each point that requires it. In addition to power management we offer complete event site operations and planning services.